Dr. Jonathan C. Carey


Jonathan is the Lead Pastor of Glad Tidings Tabernacle, Key West, Florida. He also serves as:

Jonathan entered the Gospel ministry in 1982 and has served in many places and positions. He has served as a Pastor, National Youth Director, District, and National Church Official. Jonathan and his wife, Shena, have three children: Jonathan, Stephen, and Joyanne. Two daughters-in-law, Sherry and Violet, one son-in-law, Isaac, and four grandchildren. 

Jonathan's Personal Strategic Philanthropy Policy: I feel strongly about helping causes related to faith and education, that specifically address the needs of clergy and people of other countries who need help with the fulfillment of purpose and personal empowerment to change. I envision fulfilling my strategic philanthropic goals with faith-based ministries that are multidisciplinary oriented, are visionary and areas of influence are regional in scope.


 In 1993, Dr. Carey spearheaded the development of Programme S.U.R.E. ( Success Ultimately Reassures Everyone) a Bahamian Public alternative school for students with chronic disciplinary problems and served as the principal for six years. Jonathan has also served as a member of the Bahamas National Crime Commission, chairperson of the Bahamas National Youth Advisory Board, and as chairperson of The Ministry of Tourism, West Grand Bahama Community Tourism Board.     


Certificate of Ordination, Assemblies of God Bahamas, 1985

Marriage Officer Commonwealth of The Bahamas, 1986 

Justice of the Peace Commonwealth of The Bahamas, 2002

Marriage Officer State of Florida, 2011

Certificate of Ordination, Assemblies of God USA, 2015 

GUF Certificate of Episcopal Consecration, 2017

Billy Graham RRT Chaplain, 2018

Chaplain's International Chaplain, 2020

Samaritan's Purse DART Chaplain, 2021

International Fellowship of Chaplains, 2021


Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor # 2377041  - NCCA, 1992

Diplomate - The National Board of Christian Clinical Therapists # 47161, 2004

Board Certified Clinical Supervisor #47161, 2004


Certified Advanced Christian Life Coach, 2011 


Doctor of Philosophy Pastoral Psychology - Faith Theological Seminary, 1993 Tampa, Florida

Doctor of Professional Leadership - Isaiah University, 2014 Daytona, Florida 

Doctor of Ministry in Chaplaincy - Isaiah University, 2020 Daytona, Florida