Carey Leadership Institute

Our Mission

To collaborate with leaders to reach innovative solutions to their present challenges. 
To assist leaders in developing action plans to ensure continued success.

Our Core Values

Because we are committed, we provide leaders with Quality Services.
Because we are assertive, we seek new Markets and Opportunities.
Because we value relationships, we view those we serve as Partners.
Because we are character-driven, we do everything with Integrity.

CLI is a mobile leadership institute, and its one-day seminars are based on books written by Jonathan C. Carey. Seminars are available in English, Spanish, and Haitian Creole.

Seminars are $25.00 per participant with a minimum of ten attending. We have sponsors for CLI Across The Bahamas. Please contact us to schedule a seminar in your area.


Practical Wisdom for Building Your Vision 

What to Expect Practical Wisdom for Building Your Vision is just that. It’s a seminar that presents practical wisdom principles for leaders related to building their visions, organizations, ministries, and personal lives.

God gives vision; however, we are partly responsible for its fulfillment. This seminar attempts to provide answers for various vision fulfillment challenges. The format of the seminar is a three-part one. This format encourages personal interaction with the presented material and also allows for corporate evaluation, enrichment, and growth.

Joseph - Fulfilling Purpose

It targets two groups: men and women who are in leadership positions globally who need leadership and life-coaching tools and believers who seek biblically-based personal development study materials.

The steps are taken from biblical characters reflecting part of their life’s quest and challenges. Joseph - Fulfilling Purpose. The principles and concepts are taken from the life of an Old Testament leader named Joseph and are found in the book of Genesis.

Also provided is a Fulfilling Purpose Personal Audit. This audit serves as an assessment tool and a goal-setting device.

Leadership Essentials

In essence, we are all leaders, be it in our homes, ministries, workplaces, or leisure places. Continual personal success and the successes of those we influence are in part connected to VisibilityPrayerCounsel, and Faith. They should be prominently positioned in our mentoring and personal development efforts. These topics are discussed, and participants are provided with personal and group study questions. A personal audit is also provided for assessment and further development.

Joshua - Six Steps

It targets two groups. Firstly, believers desiring biblically–based personal development study materials and secondly, men and women that are incarcerated to use as an evangelism and personal development tool. Joshua teaches how to be successful in your personal life and leadership roles. It presents biblical and practical steps for successfully fulfilling your purpose. The six steps presented are: RespondRemoveRelocateRequestRequire, and Respect.

Effective Leadership-Enquiring & Rebuilding

Nehemiah wore three hats: he was a cupbearer, a builder, and a governor. In our seminar, we will view the enquiring & rebuilding principles from his roles as cupbearer and builder. 

The Fine Art of EnquiringEnquiring of Others • Enquiring of God • Enquiring of Superiors. The Fine Art of  Rebuilding: Preparation • Process • Problems. These timeless principles are timely in dealing with challenges with rebuilding and restoring that today’s leaders face. This seminar provides several projects for you to undertake in order to enhance your learning of these God-given principles, including an Effective Leadership Personal Audit, which serves as an assessment tool and a goal-setting device.

5R Circle Process - Organizations and Ministries

The following seminar has been provided to give you a working tool for building your vision. It was developed over a three-year field-tested exercise and has proven to be worthwhile and effective for various organizations and ministries. The objectives of the seminars are as follows: • To explain the value of understanding shifts and challenges in your vision • To help you see the importance of, and a commitment to, the development of a complete vision for your organization or ministry • To present the 5R Circle Process of a complete vision • To provide a format for your team to use the 5R Circle Process in the development or revision of your complete vision. The principles and methods presented in this seminar may also be used in personal vision planning. They are designed in a format that allows easy adaptation to almost any vision-building endeavor.

5R Circle Process - Administrators and Educators

There are many challenges facing today’s school administrators and educators. Students entering classrooms below grade level, ineffective teacher evaluation components, bullying and other growing acts of violence, lack of supportive leadership and need for higher salaries. These challenges and others are stifling and crippling the educational process in many nations, as a result, systems and personnel are struggling to stay afloat with visions both personal and organizational in need of being rewritten. This seminar was developed with that purpose in mind. The seminar provides practical steps to success for administrators and educators, allowing them access to a tool for developing or rewriting a working vision.

Intend - The INSPIRE Series

THE INSPIRE SERIES presents seven concepts (Intend, Negotiate, Sanctify, Pray, Influence, Relate, and Engage) derived from the acronym INSPIRE and represent one result of our interaction with Hurricane Irma (2017), our community, faith partners, and the Holy Spirit. The seminars present the concepts in their order because each one builds on the previous. If you step ahead, you will miss the intended impact. This seminar takes a closer look at the verb Intend. The presentation format will be consistent throughout. The method of presentation is derived from the acronym STEPS.

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