Our Directors




The CTC Network ARM's Directors comprised of The Bahamas, Dominican Republic, and USA Boards serve with integrity. Our Directors are committed to Hope Plaza and Project Ruth through:

  1. Providing spiritual support.
  2. Ensuring missional fulfillment.
  3. Offering policy guidance.
  4. Engaging in strategic planning.
  5. Facilitating intentional communication.


The CTC Network  - Association of Related Ministries

Jonathan C. Carey - President
Shena E. Carey - Secretary

The CTC Network Bahamas

Nelson Bain - Vice President
Jonathan N. Carey - Treasurer 
Clyde Bain - Executive Director Hope Plaza
Ashton Brown - Director of Missions
Kelson Miller - Director Chaplaincy

The CTC Network Domincian Republic

Hilario Mendoza - Vice President
Sonia H. Suero - Treasurer
Able Jose Maldonado Beliard - Executive Director of Operations
Minaya Suero Hernandez - Director of La Florida Project Ruth
Anel Segundo Maldonado Beliard - Director of Missions

The CTC Network USA

Stephen Carey - Vice President
Joyanne Ashe - Treasurer 
Thomas Douglas - Exective Director of Operations